Syawal 1435

Assalamualaikum inche blog.

Syawal 1435/2014 telah menjelma dan semua umat Islam telah menyambut dgn gembira. Hati sy rasa sayu mengenangkan Ramadhan yg telah pergi. Bolehkah sy bertemu dgn Ramdhan lg thun depan. Semoga ALLAH SWT panjangkan usia kita semua supaya kita dapat bertemu lg dgn Ramdhan yg akan datang.

Ni sebahagian gambar-gambar hari raya saya pada syawal 1435 kali ini..

~bersama hero sy

~wo de jia

~keluarga sy

~adik-adik sy tersayang

~adik nilam

Semoga kita semua dapat bertemu lagi dgn Ramadhan dan sywal yg akan dating..

Salam syawal dan salam sy dari sy..NFA aka Balqis Abdullah..

Syawal 7/ 1435
August 3, 2014
~pray for GAZA and Palestin…

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SiBajuBiru 2

Assalamualaikum inche blog, anneyongg..

It’s about SiBajuBiru again..i need to write it here because if I didn’t I’ll keep thinking about it. These few months I’ve been trying to clean my heart from him and I guess I succeed with baekhyun help. He helps me a lot in getting sibajubiru out of my heart. Finally I managed to forget about him. Inche blog, on the third day of hari raya I realized he had left a message, a hari raya wish to me on my fb. He wished on the second day of hari raya this year. I am very2 super shocked to see the message. I didn’t expect him to say hi to me after a very long time. He is already in Malaysia now and I didn’t even wish his birthday on the 23. I do remember but I didn’t wish his birthday because he is no longer in my heart and I am trying to erase everything about him in my heart. I am forgetting everything about him, all the memories about him.

That’s why I forget all the things about him because I don’t want him to be someone special in my heart anymore. When I am ready to let go of him totally, there are always something that will hold me back. These times, it is the wishes. I am a type of person that always replied back if someone text or messaged me, how come I can ignore his message. Each time he message me, I will always did something that kinda stupid in my thought. This time, I ask for his whatsaps because chatting through internet kinda slow. I am feeling so stupid after asking his whatsaps. Asking for his whatsaps is like asking for his number.huu.. its look like I am the one that really want to keep in touch with him.

After a while, I did save the number he gave me in my phone but I didn’t sent any whatsaps to him. I should take care of my pride. Sometimes I thought I could just ignore him like he did to me but I can’t. Maybe there is still a little bit of him in my heart. But I am determined to forget him totally and I will. I guess even if I whatsaps he would just ignore me. I just knew that.

So, my advice to me and to those who read this, don’t ever act foolishly in front of the person you like because it will totally reflect what you actually have in your heart. From now on, I need to become more heartless and less emotion so that I would not easily be swayed by something like this anymore. However, he is still my friend and I should treat him like one. He is no longer being someone that is special to me. He is a friend. Sibajubiru is my old friend that teaches me all sort of feeling. I am grateful knowing him. Thanks chingoo yah..

Eventhough I would never wish his birthday after this, I would always remember his birthday because the date is the same as my hijriah birthday, 23. 23/Safar/1412 AH is my birthday in Islamic calendar. I would never forget you sibajubiru. Kamsahamida My Creator and him.

August 8, 2014

~fourth syawal 1435

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