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Thoughts In Life

"some people learn from mistakes, but some aren't" "sometimes when you think you know that person, you're wrong because people change through time" "if you can have negative thoughts about me, why can't I, it is a decision" "why you want to know how I feel, when you never tell me yours" "why you questioning my act , when I never questioning yours" "how long can you keep it until you lose it while your heart no longer in it" "why questioning the change of heart when you can't never control it" "why questioning the past when you can't never change it" "why gave forgiveness, when your heart can't truly accept the fact" "why seek forgiveness, when you don't truly feel the guilty of what you did" "why need a reason, when you can't see and accept it, it'll become an excuse" "when you think negative all the time, all you see is black even tho…

Throughout the life

Assalamualaikum ince blog.. Too much things happen but today i want to tell you how i have been thinking..
Bila waktu susah sesorang itu tidak bersama kita, adakah wajar untuk kita bergantung harap padanya lagi bila kita susah, bila kita perlukan teman untuk berbicara. Maka, bila itu terjadi, saya tidak lagi mengharap dia berkata, "awak ok ke?nak saya tolong tak?". Dengan sendirinya saya faham, saya tak bole berkongsi rasa dan berharap dia akan cuba memahami saya. Saya tak perlu lagi berharap pada satu pengharapan palsu. Saya penat, maka saya cari seseorang yang bole membantu saya tak kira masa bila saya perlukan pertolongan. Hanya dia yang bertanya,"awk ok ker? Sy bole tolong awak kalau awk nak". Maka, bila saya rasa amat dan perlukan pertolongan dari seorang insan, saya akan minta pertolongan dari dia.
Sepanjang saya di palam, bagi saya ini adalah masalah yang sy perlu berkongsi walaupun pada luaran, saya nampak ok.
Pertama, waktu laptop sy rosak, saya sedih san…

The Dream Journey

Assalamualaikum inche blog..
I'm back in palam pursuing the dream..and when i took a bus coming here..i still feel a bit scared due to the accident thatvhad occured to me before..trauma i think.. I thought about lots of things and finally i managef to sleep..even when i travelled with my friend beside me, i still feel unsecure and uncomfortable thinking about sort of things that could ever happen..thankfully i am safely arrived here..pursuing and finishing what i have started.. Things will get better..i will get over this.. Thanks My Creator for always be with me..
#themeaningofalwaystogether #AllahSWT #trauma