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I Lay My Eyes On You

Assalamualaikum inche blog and the readers..
Today, I wanna tell you that I lay my eyes on someone in my class today..he’s a bit cute..eventhough he’s younger than me..i don’t know why, but I think I like to see him smiling..haha..i think my heart has healed..
Alhamdulillah for now..i hope I my heart will continue healing..before this, my heart always about him..but now, I guess it is not him anymore..and I’m happy my heart was able to forget him without feeling’s not like I fall into someone else but it’s just I can forget him now..the one that I lay my eyes on is not the one that I like..he is just a boy in the class that I’m in, this morning for bel492..hehe
But, before this, I never lay my eyes on someone else..hehe.. maybe because I still like him the one that I called ‘dye’.. other than that, I think my life in palam is quite good..i have new friends and the view is nice.. Eventhough it is a bit tiring because I had to walk a long way and there’s a lots of stairs that I nee…

No Title

Assalamualaiukum inche blog n the readers..
hari ni sy sgt bosan berada di puncak tak g mane2 so sgt bosan terperap lam bilik..
hmmm..makin sy fikir, makin sy rasa sayu..huhu..don't know what to do..ari tuh sy tgok pic dye..dye dh mkin kurus tpi sy xdpt nk komen ape2 kat dye..hati sy rasa sayu sgt2..
pastuh sy pk pasal diri jauh beza dgn hands can't raech him anymore..i need to walk away but right now, i can't..
skrg sy perlu kuatkan semngat sy untuk mulakan degree sy di puncak harus tak boleh terus berada di tempat yg sama sbb masa takkan nerputar kmbali..huhu..

sy akan lebih positif..semoga inche blog and the readers pon camtuh jgak..:))

16:32 Sept 16, 2012


Assalamualaikum inche blog..
Ari ni hari terakhir berada di rumah..esok sy akan bertolak ke puncak alam untuk further akan melanjutkan pelajaran dalam bidang pemakanan dan harap sy dpt belajar dgn baik dan lulus dgn cemerlang dlm masa 4 thun..huhuhu..
Sgt pnjang masanya tpi sy harap semuanya akn berjalan tahu ianya pasti tak mudah, sy hrp hati sy akan tabah dgn semuanya..doakan sy ye inche blog..:)
NAD stands for nutrition and dietetic..:) 23:55 Sept 9, 2012