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Assalamualaikum inche blog…it has been a very long time since I wrote something here..the internet line wasn’t so good at my house so, I didn’t write it here..
Better is a word to describe something or problem is being solved but not completely solved. That is what I mean for now. I’m being better at home when it comes about feelings but problems would never leave. I did have, but being on holidays means I need to forget all that. I feel free when I’m home. Reluctantly, I do miss college even though I do have complicated feelings when being there. I don’t want to be in a relationship that wasn’t sure, I also don’t want to hold false hope, but still being me I did all that. I’m trying to be better, first to my family, my siblings. I want to be a good older sister to my entire sis but my action always speaks louder than words. I guess I need to work harder.
Repairing all bonds that I have starting with My Creator was hard but it was not impossible. I need to be better for myself because t…

Hati yg x dpt dikawal

Assalamualaikum inche blog...
semoga hati ini dapat ku kawal supaya x sedih dh teringt lagi..
stress study biochem..tpi sempat lgi tgok drama setia hujung nyawa..haha nie mang semua status sy bwat kat fb or twitter sma sayu n emosi je..krn sy mang agak beremosi dan semua salah sy krn xdpt kwl hati dan tgn sy..
bkn salah dye, hati ini terpaut padanya..
sy hrp rasa ini dijauhkan jika ia bukan milik sy..sucikanlah hati ini..
semoga ketenangan itu menjadi milik sy..
gudluck bwat semua yg mghadapi exam dn masalah hati mcm sy..
InsyALLAH semuanyer akan terubat jua..
semoga exam sy lulus dgn baik..
terima kasih bwat Maha Pencipta sy krn mmberi peluang sy merasai semua ini..
ini akn dpt mngajar sy cara untuk mngubatinya..
salam syg bwat semua..
22:49 January 5, 2012 ~BIOCHEM coming next..