Do I Have the Right to LIKE YOU…

The rains that drops on my hands..
I wish it would also drop on your hands..
The winds that blows through my hair..
I wish it would reach your cheek..
I wish the sound of my heart resound in your ears..
And shake your heart..
Should I say louder..?
Would you hear it then..?
I have so much I would be sorry to you about..
Would my prickled life hurt you..?
Carefully bring you to my arms..
And hold you..
Yet I can’t block the wind and make you cold..
 But the tears I shed would be warm..
~pandaandthehedgehog ost lyrics..

The end of story of panda n hedgehog yg sgt2 comel..heheh…abis tgok kul 6.55 pg 16 feb sbb dpt sme2 bersihkan mata dgn fluid bersame donghae oppa...mmg donghae oppa my first love…sampai bla2 pon oppa, nega chos saram..hehe..lega bla dh keluarkan sepenuh hati perasaan jiwa n raga yg kecewa dgn result..

Bla dh lega mata lak akan mndpt balsan di pagi hari..haha…tpi hati lega, xpe la kan..berbaloi luahkan sma kat donghae oppa..donghae oppa yg sgt2 comel n hensem n perfect untk jdik pkwe sy..hihi…

Yg paling penting..terima kasih kat My Creator sbb bg donghae tman sy legakan n tenangkan hati…My Creator lah yg paling syg sy kan..huhu..nomu2 kamsahamida…saranghae My Creator n donghae oppa..

Everything happen 4 a reason…keep calm and carry on #pandaandhedgehog…

February 16, 2013
~feeling much much better than tomorrow….nomu cua..

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Panda is SAD

Assalamualaikum inche blog...i guess being me really wasn't good enough...

i have to be better and the best of me...huhuhu...

i'm sad....

hoping panda and hedgehog can help me overcome it..huhu...

hoping ALLAH SWT will give me second chance..huhu..

February 15, 2013
~done checking my first result..huhu

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Odd Life

Assalamualaikum inche blog..i’m partially sick because now I’m recovering..just an intro..

Odd life seems everyone got it in their own ways. As for me, if there is nothing unusual, it would not be called as life. I had watching the odd life of timothy green. It was a nice and warming story about a parent that really wanted to have a kid of their own but they couldn’t. So, miracle did happen and a boy was given to them for a short time just to fulfill their wish. They could learn to be a good parent when they have real kid. It was so nice watching this kind of movie that could move your soul.

These days, as I fall sick, I’ve been thinking a lot. Everything that happens before and may happened in the future. I guess I’m being too emotional because I keep feeling sad when watching sad movies and when I feel sad, I remember all those things that I don’t mean to do but I did. There is lots of things that I shouldn’t do and maybe because of that My Creator been giving me something for me to remember. I want to be good, and I am trying bit I guess I didn’t try hard enough. There is always a missing puzzle that I couldn’t find. I’ve got my lesson and I’ll be good and try very hard to redeem myself. I always can’t thank My Creator enough for being so nice to me. I’m grateful.
My life was odd, I don’t know exactly how to put it here but odd wasn’t a bad thing…right… I will make my life better and also my loved ones better. It’s like I’ve been at a wrong place but it is a right place. As we know, we don’t always get what we wanted, but usually we get what we needed in life. I have to be strong, success would not be mine if I don’t deserve it…

So, as new semester going to start soon, I will become a better me. I will solve all my problems especially my heart problem very carefully, so that there’s no scar left behind..

I will be a better me..i promise myself inche blog..thank you once again My Creator..saranghae..

February 14, 2013
~being me wasn’t good enough…

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Assalamualaikum inche blog

Unknown title of the songs#

Something must have gotten in my eye,
That’s why tears keep falling,
Hidden safely in one part of my heart…
Tears are bringing that person back.
Even if you can’t hear me, even if you can’t hear my heart…
Maybe someday you’ll listen to my heart what my tears are saying,
Because you are mine. Because you are my love.
Even if I keep sending, you’re still here.
Making me cry. Because you are my love. You’re still the one.
I can’t stop these foolish tears.

Songs from Korean drama #TheGreatestLove…few lyris that I’ve got and I feel closed to my heart.
best sgt2..lots of thing I got from the drama..i’ve just finished watching that drama and I need to delete the drama to give extra space to my external hard disk..huhu.. I wish I could keep the drama but I can’t..huhu

Lately nie, sy xbpe shat inche blog…tpi alhamdulillah sy dh makin pulih…hoping that sooner I’ll get full recovery..hehe..

Berada di rumah mmbuatkan hati sy sentiasa tenang dan jiwa pon x kacau..haha..

Nomu2 cua n kamsahamida My Creator....:)

I’ll will always prays and wishes the best for my loved ones…always..

February 12, 2013
~love does not come free…always with a price..

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