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Assalamualaikum semua...
today i will be going home for raya haji break..huhuhu...feeling undefined..huuu..don't know what to feel..i do think a lot maybe...i'm not sad anymore..i feel good..there's a lot of thing waiting after the semester break..huhu..and i hope i will create more happy moments in palam..along with NADA..
dear blog, currently i've been listening to Be your everything by Boys like is a very lovely songs..hehe..i love it....
i guess after a while, i have been very good in more worries..
~jmuan nada..hehe..with aziey n ain ghani
~with ain ghani..
~at student center NADA
~the 3 guys in my class..
that all my moments here so far..i hope after this there will be more of this..:) thank you My Creator for giving me chances to experience all of u..:)
12:07 October 25, 2012 ~i love u all..


Assalamualaikum inche blog..huhu
today is crying day..tears flowing but i can't stop them..don't know why i feel so sad..i'm missing everything in my life...i feel very calm n fresh but still i'm crying..
inche blog..why is it i can't be tough..i am telling myself to bear with everything but it seems that my eyes can't hold it much longer..the view from my room is so's like ALLAH SWT is watching me and saying that He is always with me..and be tough..
the sky is so blue and beautiful...i love to see and staring at it..maybe i just need to cry a lot until i feel ok..looking at it make me feel's like everything is going to be ok and i am going to be just fine..
i think what hurt people most is if the one that hurt them is the one that they loved the most........the one that they thought could be their savior....the one that they depend on....
i'm trying to think that no one hurt me, it just me walking through someone that hurt me..…