220318 Touring KL with lovely Ain Damia

Hi harry, on my last day off which is on Thursday, I had been going out with the lovely ain. I ddn’t go to my sister’s house because she went back to Terengganu for school holiday and I am super duper jealous of her…huu…so I am alone hereby myself.. so I had decided to go out with ain to go sight seeing at KL eventhough I am not feeling too well.. I had diarrhea, a bad one and also a headache..huu… but due to I need to learn to take on lrt which is a public transport since i don't have my own transports and it is easier and much cheaper, so I decided to learn from ain..
We went by ktm and we choose the hop and off bus..these all are the picture taken during the tour..hahah..i am so shocked to know that ain is someone that so into taking pictures,,ahah..she tooks picture glad I know her..
07:49 March 27, 2018 ~I’ll continue later because the pictures are not in this lappy yet..hahah
so the pictures are all below....
the tickets for the hop and off bus...
the first sto…

3rd job

Assalamulaikum and
Hi, it has been like forever since the last day I posted on my blog. I am currently in KL and to be specific in Mid Valley Megamall. I worked here for almost 4 months now and time sure flies so fast. This is my third job and that’s why the title above is “3rd Job”. So far, I feel happy and good working here. I worked in a place that I never imagined, in a mall. I see so many people everyday and there’s nothing special about working in a mall and in KL because I had already get used to it. Furthermore I am not the shopping type person. So it feels normal and ordinary for me.

This new job gave me lots of new experience, I get to meet diversity of people everyday, 90% of them are foreigner. Some are very nice and well-mannered and there were also some that is so rude and deserve a word of wisdom..hahah..
At first, I don’t really understand what my job scope is but after being here for four months, I finally get it. It is totally weird if I still don’t understand my job s…


Assalamualaikum inche blog and hi..

i feel like i want to write something here to get it off my chest..

i had choices but every choices i made tells me to just go for it but sometimes i am confused..

i got a job finally after waiting for so long..but my heart really don't feel it beacuse it was too far from home..but still i am happy just thinking about all stuff like house rent and transport make me  feel sad and stressful...

i am praying that everything will go smoothly and i always believe in ALLAH swt more than i believe in myself...

12:54 June 4, 2017 ~9 ramadhan 1438 still thinking hard to solve all my worries...

New journey…


Lelaki macam dia

Assalamualaikum inche blog..
Ok, tajuk di atas adalah based on tv drama yg saya tengok hari ni. Quite surprised saya bole layan sampai habis..sebab saya adalah kaki cerita korea..dan sekarang saya tengah tunggu ‘scarlet heart, Goryeo sbb cerita ni baekhyun berlakon dan juga Hwarang sbb citer ni bts v aka taehyung berlakon. So, I really can’t wait for the drama..heheh..
Kembali pada tajuk balik..lelaki macam dia..cerita ni masih lagi on going, so still tak tahu lagi ending macam mana, but as usual rasanya memang happy ending cuma the way towards the happy ending is what we are waiting..the, last episode yg saya tengok tadi adalah di mana heroin pergi ke persiapan majlis tunang hero…so, sedih la perasaan si heroin sbb tak dapat bertunang dengan hero but heroin tuh cam bodoh jugak sbb pergi persiapan majlis tuh..dah tahu hati sakit, sedih, kecewa, patutnya tak payah la pergi kan..tapi dah ceritanya camtuh..tapi takpe sebab bukan episode last lagi, sbb bila sampai episode last…

Moments during Degree years, Final Year (PPG)

Assalamualaikum inche blog....
PPG had been named by my closest friend, Akma salleh. Honestly, at first I didn’t really like the name but I just accept it because I’m not that creative to think of another name..haha
So who is PPG members? So, the members are the one with the diploma holder in my class. I guess that how we become close with each other. With the same age, you can talk more freely and without the “kak” in front of your name, you will become more comfortable with each other.
PPG is actually what we called as my gang during my degree. Gang means group of friends, you talk, play, study, housemate and others all together. So here they are..

So many pic, so one behind the scene…hahahha…one of my classmate said that he thought that PPG stand for perempuan-perempuan could him..haha..but such funny thing coz we are crazy sometimes..nature of every human being..

this is not the behind the scene pic but "swag" pic..hahha
Lastly, I searched for a nice and wel…

Moments during Degree years, Final year (Friends)

Assalamualaikum inche blog…
It has been a very long time since I wrote here…I miss you a lot but I’ve got no idea about what to write and lately my skill in writing had degrading..haha..the feeling of writing was not there..
Ok, but since today title is about “friends”, I better write about them not about myself…
Today I would like to introduce my classmate during my degree years. We are known as Chee5e generation. Why chee5e? Haha..
In my university association, which is NADA we had been requested to name our batch with food and due to my batch are the fifth batch we had decided to name it as Chee5e. Eventhough cheese had been known not too healthy food but it was one of the sources of protein. Thus, if we took it in controlled amount, it won’t become unhealthy food to us. So, Chee5e is a good name. It is delicious and everybody loves it.
These are the memories during my final year specifically after the tough months of clinical attachment.
Annual Grand Dinner 2016 had been organized for u…