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Assalamualaikum inche blog..

Ok, tajuk di atas adalah based on tv drama yg saya tengok hari ni. Quite surprised saya bole layan sampai habis..sebab saya adalah kaki cerita korea..dan sekarang saya tengah tunggu ‘scarlet heart, Goryeo sbb cerita ni baekhyun berlakon dan juga Hwarang sbb citer ni bts v aka taehyung berlakon. So, I really can’t wait for the drama..heheh..

Kembali pada tajuk balik..lelaki macam dia..cerita ni masih lagi on going, so still tak tahu lagi ending macam mana, but as usual rasanya memang happy ending cuma the way towards the happy ending is what we are waiting..the storyline..so, last episode yg saya tengok tadi adalah di mana heroin pergi ke persiapan majlis tunang hero…so, sedih la perasaan si heroin sbb tak dapat bertunang dengan hero but heroin tuh cam bodoh jugak sbb pergi persiapan majlis tuh..dah tahu hati sakit, sedih, kecewa, patutnya tak payah la pergi kan..tapi dah ceritanya camtuh..tapi takpe sebab bukan episode last lagi, sbb bila sampai episode last, mesti hero akan bersama heroin jugak kan..so just wait for the last episode..

Kalau saya lah,saya cuma akan doakan dari jauh je tuk lelaki yang pernah saya suka tuh..semoga dia bahagia bersama dengan insan pilihan hatinya aka jodoh dia..sbb saya tahu saya pon tak kuat, takut kalu perasaan tuh ada lagi..actually bagus jugak pergi majlis dia, sbb maybe masa tuh baru rasa segala harapan tuh dah tak ada and in my case, it was never there..it was just me and my own feeling..he was never having the same feeling just like me..it is not that, I wait for him, it is just I don’t open my heart for anyone..being in love is not what I want anymore..watching him happy maybe…ahhaha.. actually cam sadis pulak love story saya..

So, my previous love story “sibajubiru”, recently, I text him, got the courage..haha..and now I know that he’s taken..so, I guess my heart feel good, I just need to wait for him to get settle down..it is just like waiting your son getting married…haha…ok, maybe my heart’s lying, I don’t know for sure but the excitement waiting for his reply was not there anymore..maybe because I know he’s taken..so, now I would never text him anymore..the way he reply the text was like trying to say that ‘I should stop texting him’..he quickly reply that ‘dah ada pilihan hati’..so I understand that, so I won’t bother him anymore..i should just delete his contact number..but when I think again, maybe I should keep it for now because network is important..ahahha..so, the end of my love story…

Actually, I text him and wished him happy birthday because I dream of him these day but only one time..in the dream, he asked a lot about me, but it was just only a dream, in real life, he was never curious about my life…and the thought of never meeting him gave me the courage..hee..i would never meet him, why would I be feeling awkward or shy..so, I text him and the end..hahah

So, for lelaki macam dia “sibajubiru”, he is no longer in my life, actually was quite a long time, since exo come into my life, he was already out, but I keep him because he is my friend..i hope and wish you all the happiness and success in life with your love ones..take care sibajubiru..

So, for lelaki macam dia, tv drama, I will watch the last episode..hehe…hopefully it is good, nice and warm ending..

August 7, 2016


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