Thoughts In Life

"some people learn from mistakes, but some aren't"
"sometimes when you think you know that person, you're wrong because people change through time"
"if you can have negative thoughts about me, why can't I, it is a decision"
"why you want to know how I feel, when you never tell me yours"
"why you questioning my act , when I never questioning yours"
"how long can you keep it until you lose it while your heart no longer in it"
"why questioning the change of heart when you can't never control it"
"why questioning the past when you can't never change it"
"why gave forgiveness, when your heart can't truly accept the fact"
"why seek forgiveness, when you don't truly feel the guilty of what you did"
"why need a reason, when you can't see and accept it, it'll become an excuse"
"when you think negative all the time, all you see is black even though it's white"
"when life hit you hard, be soft and tough, so you won't break in the middle of road"
"there's something need to be keep hidden for the sake of something"
"some people traumatized due to extreme experiences"
"you don't wears my shoes and I don't wears yours, so don't judge and upset if my opinion is differ from you"
"you had your secrets, my secrets mine"
"having trust is part of relationship"
"trust strengthen the relationship, if you don't have one, yours is fragile"
"respect is earned, trust is build"
"the way you see him is not the way I saw him"
"not important to you but valuable to me"
"if you know someone pretending, you know it because you are a good 'pretender' or 'fakers'"
"don't you think, it's rude to say someone is not sincere enough?"
"so, are you the one that is the most sincere person among us all"
"when people don't include you, how can they say you're isolating when they're the one doing the 'excluding stuff""
"if you won't take in my hand, why would I reach out my hand for you?"
"useless and waste of time doing"
"I don't asked for your understanding, just a little respect and accepting my decisions"
"people always have reason why they do, but do they need to reveal the reason just to make you satisfied?"
"have you ever thought that, they maybe don't want to share the reason to you?"
"do you like being pushed for something you don't like"
"people only share what they feel with someone they comfortable enough to talk"
"I don't mind if I am not the one you're comfortable enough to share you secrets, you have your choice"
"everyone had the choice, so do I"
"everyone had secrets, secrets shared with family, secrets shared with closed friends, secrets shared with friends and secrets only you yourself know"
"it's written in your face, you don't like it, but still I thought positive of you. I am not foolish, I'm just being optimistic"
"it helps you keep going even the path keep hurting yours"

Mac 23, 2015
~doing assignment..


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