Someone did persuade me through songs a while ago, but he failed…
Currently i'm listening to shadows by sam tsui~~
He fails to persuade me and opened my heart to ‘love’ by human..
But now, I guess I want to close it really tight..
But, every time I heard ‘Babak Cinta by Aidil, I’ll remember him..
At first I don’t even realize that, he was using that songs to say sorry to me..
I’m a bit slow when it comes to malay songs..but still a malay songs that can really moved my is just, songs can’t persuade me..
There’s some things and events in our life that sometimes we remember but it doesn’t meant that we regret things in past.
Sometimes no matter how many times we tries to forget but eventually it will pop out and we will remember every details of that event.
For example, like I’m remembering these tiny little event each time I listen to the songs..eventhough now I’m in the middle of finishing my Anatomy assignment..hehe

I guess I want to shut down my heart for a while due to the FINAL EXAM that slowly coming..haha..
Till you..
Thank you ALLAH SWT for everything that happen in my life lately..i am very2 grateful…J

June 22, 2013
~doing ANP410...

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Assalamualaikum inche blog...

i'm healing this time and it is going smoothly..hehe..
i'm happy that finally i get to forget him fully...
thank to all the xtvt that had been organised and all the assignment..huhu..
i'm happy...

now, i can free to read all his status and anything about him..
no more heart feeling..
maybe i'm matured enough now..
i'm just going to focus on my dream..
hehe..till now..

Thank You a lot to My Creator that helps me..
overcome my feeling..
healing all the wounds..
be me once again..
being the old NFA..


June 6, 2013
~i will forget him..this time for sure..:D

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Assalamualaikum inche blog..

I’m at puncak alam holidays have ended and here i am once again..finishing my second sem as nutrition and dietetics student..huhu..
Being in the second sem, makes me think a lot and reflect on what i did in sem 1..i want to get excellent result for this sem as my first sem..i didn’t get much..
As i am ready to remove the biggest attchment in my heart, which is sibajubiru..i’ve always would dream of him..this time..i’m dreaming of him while on my journey back to palam in the bus i’m taking..i dream of him twice i think..
As usual, while we on a journey to some place with a bus, we will often awake and then sleep again after awake..after all, my journey is at night, so for sure, I’ll sleep while in the bus..but still, I am dreaming of sibajubiru..
This time, I am very2 sure I can handle and teach my own heart to address him as a friend and slowly forgetting that I was once fall for him..even though there’s no memories between us..hmm..
But each time, I’ve decided that, he will appear In my dream as if I’m still holding him close..this time, he’s wearing a white kemeja..hehe..look kinda handsome to me..hmm..
That’s me..everytime I dreamt about him, my heart will feel…..
I am weak to my own heart..i can’t handle my own heart…
Every time he appear in my dream I would always wish, he’ll appear again..i would always think that there’s a reason he appear in my dream..huhu..
I guess I’m missing sibajubiru again…

As I dream about him, I guess I don’t try hard enough to forget him..i want to forget totally about him..

I want to get good result for this I have to forget him..never to get involved with any guys especially OK..huhu..I WILL!!

Help me inche blog…and I hope my creator would ease my ways..kumawo..

June 6, 2013
~finish doing bulat’s assignment..hehe

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