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Assalamualaikum and hi inche blog..
I am writing this because i am tired and want to say something about my life as Nutrition and Dietetics Degree student. It was not a happy life but full of tiredness. sometimes feels like wannna passed out. I am going home today for a Gawai break eventhough I am not celebrating it. I feel happy but at the same time, all the homework, assignments, tutorial are gonna follow me going home. There's is no term as 'holiday with happy ending forever and after' and i really hope that i can manage all the assignments and finished doing all that before coming back to palam. I am praying that my IMAN would be strong enough for me to avoid watching television..huuu...
And at this moment of hecticness and busy weeks and the approching of final week, i am wishing that someone can come and ease or lift a bit burden from me...baekhyun ah, please come and save I wish I can be your friend, we can help each other keeping each other strong..hmmmm


Assalamualaikum and hi inche blog
Today just wanna tell my new LOVE

He is BYUN BAEKHYUN. One of the EXO's members. hee.. i don't know whether he came into my life either a blessing or a curse..haha.. but i trust My Creator, i get to know him for a reason, a cure or a poison.. As for now, he is a cure to my heart problem..haha.. but i guess many people think that kpop is a poison to your heart..

My Creator send him into my life for a reason..lesson or gift..haha.. Whatever the reason is I am happy because of him..
14:34 May 3, 2014 ~may one day he'll be my chingoo...