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Kill me, heal me

Assalamualaikum and hi inche has been a while since the last post. Lately I am under extreme discomfort and stress. I have been thinking too much and too hard. I guess I think 200 miles ahead what happened now. I thought about all the consequences and everything.

So, to overcome and actually run from all the stress, for this weekend, I’ve been watching Korean drama entitled kill me heal me. It is a story about a man with dissociative personality disorder also known as multiple personality disorder. As I already know the plot, I was hoping the story to move faster but actually for me, each episodes have their own strong part. I loved every episode starting from episode one. And also for every episode, there is sadness. Sometimes it overwhelmed me and I cry. This drama helps me tears down and release all the unnecessary feeling I am having. The hero is ji sung and the heroin is hwang jun eun if I didn’t misspelled their name. their chemistry is very good and I liked it so much.