Kill me, heal me

Assalamualaikum and hi inche has been a while since the last post. Lately I am under extreme discomfort and stress. I have been thinking too much and too hard. I guess I think 200 miles ahead what happened now. I thought about all the consequences and everything.

So, to overcome and actually run from all the stress, for this weekend, I’ve been watching Korean drama entitled kill me heal me. It is a story about a man with dissociative personality disorder also known as multiple personality disorder. As I already know the plot, I was hoping the story to move faster but actually for me, each episodes have their own strong part. I loved every episode starting from episode one. And also for every episode, there is sadness. Sometimes it overwhelmed me and I cry. This drama helps me tears down and release all the unnecessary feeling I am having. The hero is ji sung and the heroin is hwang jun eun if I didn’t misspelled their name. their chemistry is very good and I liked it so much.

The story evolved from a rich heirs who had this disorder and gets help from a psychiatrist doctor as the heroin. The hero is cha do hyun and the heroin is oh ri jin. I feel very sorry for cha do hyun because he seems so lonely and he got no one he can talk to. Meanwhile, oh ri jin is a very bright and happy personality. Quite the opposite. I love this drama more than “Hyde, Jekyl Me”. This story is more real and ji sung acts so cool for each of the character. Suddenly I loved ji sung.hahaha..

From the drama I’ve learned a lot about how this disorder develops and by healing all the personality heart, this disorder can be cured. As a friend or a person closed, we should never let our friend lose their hope or let them let go the rope. We should always have their back and support them. The second hero also was very cool, as always the second hero is always the support one but in this drama there is no triangle love between the second hero and the heroin. So I am quite impressed.

The story continues as cha do hyun realize oh ri jin is the key to cure his disorder amd eventually oh ri jin is the reason he split his personality. Thus in the end, oh ri jin helps with the scattered puzzle and he is cured. The love line in this drama is also different from any drama that I had watched. Both cha do hyun and oh ri jin don’t say by words that they loved each other but they expressed it with their action. Thus, this drama is not very childish about pupply love and so on. It shows how strong they are connected with each other and how it develops pure love.

Apart from that, there is no ‘tarik tali’ between the main leads. So I liked it. It was honest and true to each other, they expressed what they feel and go for it. The whole story mostly about the personality that cha do hyun had. It was very funny when ahn yo na appears, dangerous but romantic when shin se gi appears, suicidal thought when ahn yo sub appears, elderly character when perry park appears, cute and childhood memories when  nana @ cha do hyun small appears and mysterious but unharmed when Mr.X appears. It was very nice watching all the personality and each character appears.

It gave me thought how I should appreciate being who I am. I am thankful though for My Creator for always be with me so that I can bears all the pain. But for this drama cha do hyun can’t bears the pain alone causing him to split and create his own personality that can helps him bears the pain. Korean drama always taught me something about life, don’t give up life so easily, trust our own ability and make the best out of nothing.

I’ve been watching this drama for two consecutive day..hee..keep replaying the part that I loved..hee..then, after two days, I’ve start doing my assignment. Hopefully I can survived this semester and keep going until the end of my journey. I can’t wait for the end but nervous about what is along the road. Would I be ok if I stumble and cry? Can’t I fight back and keep moving?

The future is very unpredictable and fragile, what we did today may or may not determine yesterday. So, we must always be prepared to face it as we don’t know what could possibly happened next.

For now, take care!

May 4, 2015

~be happy


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