Moments during Degree years, Final Year (PPG)

Assalamualaikum inche blog....

PPG had been named by my closest friend, Akma salleh. Honestly, at first I didn’t really like the name but I just accept it because I’m not that creative to think of another name..haha

So who is PPG members? So, the members are the one with the diploma holder in my class. I guess that how we become close with each other. With the same age, you can talk more freely and without the “kak” in front of your name, you will become more comfortable with each other.

PPG is actually what we called as my gang during my degree. Gang means group of friends, you talk, play, study, housemate and others all together. So here they are..

So many pic, so one behind the scene…hahahha…one of my classmate said that he thought that PPG stand for perempuan-perempuan could him..haha..but such funny thing coz we are crazy sometimes..nature of every human being..

this is not the behind the scene pic but "swag" pic..hahha

Lastly, I searched for a nice and well behaved pic but couldn’t find so, here the pic with one of the lecturer during AGD..

Thanks for being my friend during my degree years. Thanks a millions times..hahah..because I had learned a lot from them..hopefully we will ever meet again chingoo yah...annyeong PPG..

July 29, 2016

~better future ahead please


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