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Dreams and fantasies

Assalamualaikum and hi inche blog
The post before this is going down memory lane but now, I want to talk about my dreams and fantasies..haha..i call all of this as dreams and fantasies because it was too good to be true. And It takes real destiny “takdir” for it to become true and reality.
My first dream…
I dream to meet an architect and fall in love and get married to him and have my dream house as a present. It would be very lovable for me. Having my own dream house built by someone so dearly to me. If I did become one of the health professional, I want to meet him as my client or patient. Someone that I care and treat to become better. I guess I had been watching too much korean drama, so I dreamt to meet my love like that. A drama meeting..hahhaa…so much fantasies..
In real life, for me, falling in love is very hard, I guess only “sibajubiru” is successful in entering my heart. So far, for now, I guess I can’t be a health professional yet, I had so mush to much to learn and too much t…

A Week At My Umah Sewa..

Ok, this time, I will wrote in malay plus english.. sy dah lama giler tak menulis di blog ni..nak kata busy sgt, busy sgt2 sebab dah tahun akhir, tapi if the passion to write tuh tak ada still xleh nak write jugak.
Seminggu cuti semester ni, I have decided that I won’t go home to my hometown. I stay with one of my housemate. If all of them going home, I guess I will go home too because I am a bit scared to stay alone in my rent house. I do miss my hometown because it has been a long time but thinking all of the tutorial, assignments and all of the papers that I need to finished and submit, so I’ve decided to stay in palam finishing all of it. Once I go home, I won’t be able to do all of that because being home, meaning free of all assignment…haha..that kind of feeling of holiday, not doing anything, just rest and lazy around..
First day
Jadi, cuti hari pertama sy di rumah sewa, sy telah menonton drama melayu tajuk “aku bukan buaya”.  Citer ni agak jiwang, so banyak lagu-l…