Syawal 1435

Assalamualaikum inche blog.

Syawal 1435/2014 telah menjelma dan semua umat Islam telah menyambut dgn gembira. Hati sy rasa sayu mengenangkan Ramadhan yg telah pergi. Bolehkah sy bertemu dgn Ramdhan lg thun depan. Semoga ALLAH SWT panjangkan usia kita semua supaya kita dapat bertemu lg dgn Ramdhan yg akan datang.

Ni sebahagian gambar-gambar hari raya saya pada syawal 1435 kali ini..

~bersama hero sy

~wo de jia

~keluarga sy

~adik-adik sy tersayang

~adik nilam

Semoga kita semua dapat bertemu lagi dgn Ramadhan dan sywal yg akan dating..

Salam syawal dan salam sy dari sy..NFA aka Balqis Abdullah..

Syawal 7/ 1435
August 3, 2014
~pray for GAZA and Palestin…

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SiBajuBiru 2

Assalamualaikum inche blog, anneyongg..

It’s about SiBajuBiru again..i need to write it here because if I didn’t I’ll keep thinking about it. These few months I’ve been trying to clean my heart from him and I guess I succeed with baekhyun help. He helps me a lot in getting sibajubiru out of my heart. Finally I managed to forget about him. Inche blog, on the third day of hari raya I realized he had left a message, a hari raya wish to me on my fb. He wished on the second day of hari raya this year. I am very2 super shocked to see the message. I didn’t expect him to say hi to me after a very long time. He is already in Malaysia now and I didn’t even wish his birthday on the 23. I do remember but I didn’t wish his birthday because he is no longer in my heart and I am trying to erase everything about him in my heart. I am forgetting everything about him, all the memories about him.

That’s why I forget all the things about him because I don’t want him to be someone special in my heart anymore. When I am ready to let go of him totally, there are always something that will hold me back. These times, it is the wishes. I am a type of person that always replied back if someone text or messaged me, how come I can ignore his message. Each time he message me, I will always did something that kinda stupid in my thought. This time, I ask for his whatsaps because chatting through internet kinda slow. I am feeling so stupid after asking his whatsaps. Asking for his whatsaps is like asking for his number.huu.. its look like I am the one that really want to keep in touch with him.

After a while, I did save the number he gave me in my phone but I didn’t sent any whatsaps to him. I should take care of my pride. Sometimes I thought I could just ignore him like he did to me but I can’t. Maybe there is still a little bit of him in my heart. But I am determined to forget him totally and I will. I guess even if I whatsaps he would just ignore me. I just knew that.

So, my advice to me and to those who read this, don’t ever act foolishly in front of the person you like because it will totally reflect what you actually have in your heart. From now on, I need to become more heartless and less emotion so that I would not easily be swayed by something like this anymore. However, he is still my friend and I should treat him like one. He is no longer being someone that is special to me. He is a friend. Sibajubiru is my old friend that teaches me all sort of feeling. I am grateful knowing him. Thanks chingoo yah..

Eventhough I would never wish his birthday after this, I would always remember his birthday because the date is the same as my hijriah birthday, 23. 23/Safar/1412 AH is my birthday in Islamic calendar. I would never forget you sibajubiru. Kamsahamida My Creator and him.

August 8, 2014

~fourth syawal 1435

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Did I lose myself while on the journey to my dream...

~true indeed...what I feel right now

~not about the result but the effort...

~don't expect too much from others..they don't go through what you've been through..

~move on..don't stay and expect other to understand you..

~don't ever lose hope..HE'll always with you..

~it's not a crime to be happy but don't overdose with it...

~have faith in HIM~
be patient and calm...

~true..once he goes, he never come back if he never was here before..
if he comes means something..
let times flows the way it is..
enough trying...

July 4, 2014
~in the middle of studying CFA final exam..afraid but don't give up and never give up hope..
be strong inside and outside..
May ALLAH SWT ease and Ramadhan heals your pain..
Months full of Barakah..
hope this ends soon without any complications..


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Assalamualaikum inche blog....

today, my blog title just a cover to what i feel about life..
it actually about who in your life..
so, it is also about life..
i really don't know how to express what i feel inside..
i keep it inside of me until i feel my head and my heart like gonna burst...
the only one that cross in my mind is ALLAH SWT...
i don't really know who to tell to..
i don't want to burden the people who cares about me...
i just don't know how to take care of my own heart...
there's storm in my heart right now...
right now, my only hope is My Creator, the One who always patiently listen to what i want to say..
harry is sick...i've got no one else to say aloud what i said...

i'm hoping harry will be ok soon enough...
because when final week i feel most helpless..
i need someone to patiently stay with me to the end...
i am helpless right now...
wish some miracle can happen in Syaaban or June..
how i wish...
there's rainbow after every rain...

June 6, 2014
~patience ....

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Assalamualaikum and hi inche blog..

I am writing this because i am tired and want to say something about my life as Nutrition and Dietetics Degree student. It was not a happy life but full of tiredness. sometimes feels like wannna passed out. I am going home today for a Gawai break eventhough I am not celebrating it. I feel happy but at the same time, all the homework, assignments, tutorial are gonna follow me going home. There's is no term as 'holiday with happy ending forever and after' and i really hope that i can manage all the assignments and finished doing all that before coming back to palam. I am praying that my IMAN would be strong enough for me to avoid watching television..huuu...

And at this moment of hecticness and busy weeks and the approching of final week, i am wishing that someone can come and ease or lift a bit burden from me...baekhyun ah, please come and save I wish I can be your friend, we can help each other keeping each other strong..hmmmm

Lastly, ALLAH SWT, My Creator, please keep me strong in this path of becoming a person in charge in dietician or nutritions..huuu.. I want to help other people, but before that I have to help myself first. I need to build up myself with all the knowledge, strength and all the items that is needed for me to fulfill my dreams..



May 22, 2014
~I want to be FREE from everything..can i just let it go...

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Assalamualaikum and hi inche blog

Today just wanna tell my new LOVE

He is BYUN BAEKHYUN. One of the EXO's members. hee..
i don't know whether he came into my life either a blessing or a curse..haha..
but i trust My Creator, i get to know him for a reason, a cure or a poison..
As for now, he is a cure to my heart problem..haha..
but i guess many people think that kpop is a poison to your heart..

My Creator send him into my life for a reason..lesson or gift..haha..
Whatever the reason is I am happy because of him..

May 3, 2014
~may one day he'll be my chingoo...

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Something you can’t control...

Assalamualaikum inche blog..

It has been a very long time since the last time i posted something here.. today i would like to say something about ‘something you can’t control’.
I had just finished watching Miracle in Cell No. 7. Maybe lots of people have been watching it, but for me the story had a very sad emotion, pity, sense of betrayed, feeling helpless when we can’t help the one we love the most. But feeling is something you can’t control. Eventhough you have fight or try thousands times to change it, it is hard to change. The same goes with love feeling. Once you love that person, it takes time for you to forget that person when that person no longer needs you in their lives. The emotion you felt when with that person is hard to erase.

~from mr google

This story tells me, that you need to appreciate everyone that comes into your life. Accept who they are, don’t judge, don’t blame. I really don’t understand why, while watching this movie, I am overflowing with emotion. All the emotion that I had been contained flew out. I feel everything.

~from mr google

Sad, guilty, disappointment, frustration, feeling want to stop. Everything. It is not about sibajubiru. He is long gone from my heart. It just the kind of feeling, emotion that help you to let got everything and just cry. I don’t know why, but my heart just doesn’t feel belonged. For me, the story wasn’t that sad, but my tears are flowing just like the story is really really sad. People around me affect me a lot. The one that make my smile, also can be the one flooding my eyes.

Emotional strength is the thing that I need the most. Only My Creator can give me that. The one that holds someone heart, the one that never left me alone.

Faith is what I need. Have faith. This movie is just a trigger for me to let out my emotion but still it is a good movie to watch.

Emotion and feeling are something that takes time to change but eventually it will change. It is not something you can control. Let’s hope it changed for a better one.

Last but not least, pray for MH370.

~from mr google

 March 14, 2014

~crying is the best thing to do when you feel the worst

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Final Exam~~

Assalamualaikum inche blog...skrg i’m in the middle of final exam sem nie sgt susah bagi sy..terlalu byk prkara yg berlaku sepanjang sem ni hingga sy rasa tak sabar untuk sem nie berakhir..tpi sgt takut untuk menempuh final exam..
Sem nie sy amek 7 subjek, 6 subjek ade final exam..satu third language, xde amek hao ma?
Terasa berat sgt hati nk menempuh lagi 2 paper last nie..huuu..sangat2 takut untuk amek paper microbiology sbb test sgt2 cuma berharap final exam sy akan lulus dengan baik untuk semua subjek yg sy amek sem ni..
Bila kita lemah dan hilang semangat, ALLAH SWT thu kita telah mencuba sedaya upaya..oleh sbb itu sy percaya bila sy lemah ALLAH SWT akn hantar inspirasi dan motivasi supaya sy terus kuat..sbb tuh sy percaya, dia hadir lam mimpi sy untuk suh sy kuat smangat, jgn putus asa dgn final dan course yg sy amek ni..
Biarpun dia x thu, tpi dia slalu hadir dlm mimpi sy bla hati sy dah letih..jadik, sy sgt2 berterima kasih pada dia..biarpun dia hadir sekadar atas sbb ingatan sy pada dia yg amat kuat..thank to you!
Dan jika ALLAH SWT percaya pada kebolehan sy untuk terus berada pada jalan ini, maka sy akan cuba sedaya upaya untuk terus melakukan yg terbaik di jalan ini..
Inche blog, sy harap sy akan lulus sma subjek final ni..for those who read this, i’m hoping that you would pray for my success in this final exam..

I need to be strong so that, i can stand still on this path..and i can reach the end of this path..i’m only half way there, not really near the end..there’s really a long-long way in front of me..i’m afraid i’m not qualified to be there but i promise myself i’ll try my very best so that i can make my loved ones proud of that ALLAH SWT would proud of me..

I am really lucky to have My Creator by my side when i am at my critical time, and him eventhough he’ll never know..i’m just thankful to ALLAH SWT for letting me know him..even for a while..

I have to be strong for my loved ones...i will complete my journey of becoming a great Dietician one day..I promise myself..

January 6, 2014

~2 more papers to go

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