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It has been a very long time since the last time i posted something here.. today i would like to say something about ‘something you can’t control’.
I had just finished watching Miracle in Cell No. 7. Maybe lots of people have been watching it, but for me the story had a very sad emotion, pity, sense of betrayed, feeling helpless when we can’t help the one we love the most. But feeling is something you can’t control. Eventhough you have fight or try thousands times to change it, it is hard to change. The same goes with love feeling. Once you love that person, it takes time for you to forget that person when that person no longer needs you in their lives. The emotion you felt when with that person is hard to erase.

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This story tells me, that you need to appreciate everyone that comes into your life. Accept who they are, don’t judge, don’t blame. I really don’t understand why, while watching this movie, I am overflowing with emotion. All the emotion that I had been contained flew out. I feel everything.

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Sad, guilty, disappointment, frustration, feeling want to stop. Everything. It is not about sibajubiru. He is long gone from my heart. It just the kind of feeling, emotion that help you to let got everything and just cry. I don’t know why, but my heart just doesn’t feel belonged. For me, the story wasn’t that sad, but my tears are flowing just like the story is really really sad. People around me affect me a lot. The one that make my smile, also can be the one flooding my eyes.

Emotional strength is the thing that I need the most. Only My Creator can give me that. The one that holds someone heart, the one that never left me alone.

Faith is what I need. Have faith. This movie is just a trigger for me to let out my emotion but still it is a good movie to watch.

Emotion and feeling are something that takes time to change but eventually it will change. It is not something you can control. Let’s hope it changed for a better one.

Last but not least, pray for MH370.

~from mr google

 March 14, 2014

~crying is the best thing to do when you feel the worst


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