Moments during Degree years, Final year (Friends)

Assalamualaikum inche blog…

It has been a very long time since I wrote here…I miss you a lot but I’ve got no idea about what to write and lately my skill in writing had degrading..haha..the feeling of writing was not there..

Ok, but since today title is about “friends”, I better write about them not about myself…

Today I would like to introduce my classmate during my degree years. We are known as Chee5e generation. Why chee5e? Haha..

In my university association, which is NADA we had been requested to name our batch with food and due to my batch are the fifth batch we had decided to name it as Chee5e. Eventhough cheese had been known not too healthy food but it was one of the sources of protein. Thus, if we took it in controlled amount, it won’t become unhealthy food to us. So, Chee5e is a good name. It is delicious and everybody loves it.

These are the memories during my final year specifically after the tough months of clinical attachment.

Annual Grand Dinner 2016 had been organized for us, so here I am with my classmate on 15th of July 2016 with the theme Hawaian, NADA Ohana Luau at De Palma Hotel, Shah Alam.

This is the picture with my sporting lecturer of the night..haha..i will put his name for my references. Hopefully he will remember me as good student and put on good words for me..hehe

During this Pra Graduan Night, not many of my classmates come due to their own personal reasons. People have their own space and we should respect it, so it doesn’t matter to me. This was held at Centro Grand Imperial Ballroom, Klang. It was nice aura, knowing that Uni celebrate the last moment in your study. It was held on 22nd of July, in the middle of Finishing School Module, so it does feel that you are graduating. I like the feeling..hahah..


After finishing the tough clinical attachment, we need to fulfill the university requirement for what we called as Kemahiran Insaniah for Finishing School Module. I had been informed that only a few universities had done this Finishing School Module. Thus, to graduate form Uitm, I had to finished this.

Actually this module did teach us a lot about job hunt, interview and also resume. So, thanks my uni. J
These may and may not be the last moments we are together as cheese. The convocation is the next year, so it is a long way before me meet or we may not meet again. I hope and wish for the best for all of you. Till we met again classmate..

July 29, 2016

~still writing resume


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