New journey…

Assalamualaikum and hai inche blog…

So many time had passed and I didn’t write a single post about how my life had been going on..
So many things happen after I finished my studies..a start of a new journey..

I did get a job after finished study and returned home safely.. I finished study around July 2016, stayed at home for two months, finished taking my driver licenses and finally I get a job on October 2016 at my hometown.. I guess I am lucky..huuu

How I get the job..? It was so unexpected moment, after few days I get my license, I went around looking for a job, part-timer and others available job at my hometown..i did apply for job online, but because I didn’t had my convocation yet at that moment so it was hard for me to find a job suits my education I thought I would grab any job opportunities..hehe.. I was happy actually at that moment..

So I came across a pizza hut store there saying in need of new part-time worker, so I walk in and ask for the job.. I ask a few questions and fill in a form then submit to worker there.. At that moment it was BRO who was there. He seems nice to me (at that moment la). So I thought that the workers there was first impression. He was so nice because he did answer all my questions, the stupid one, the honest one. So, after asking and chat a little bit, then I leave.

The next day, I got a call asking me to go for interview at the store around 5 pm. So, I go and to be short, I got the job. My first official job as pizza hut crew in my own hometown. I did have a job before this but it was not that official. So I feel happy and relieved because finally I had a job. I started working the next two days..hehe..

At first, it was so awkward because I didn’t really know them and all the pizza toppings..forget to mention, my job is as back of head, which is kitchen. I made pizza and all the toppings preparations. It was hard for me at first, but now I am good at all of it. Actually, I can do everything, cashier, kitchen and cleaning..haha..I am already working for about 8 months now. So I am quite master in everything but still few things that I didn’t do such as gas changing..haha..that is men’s work, so would not do it..haha..

As for my coworkers, I had 1 manager, 2 assist manager and one full time worker and another 4 part-timer just like me. After few months passed, I don’t have awkward feeling towards them but the respect still exist..hehe.. to be honest I become more closer to them day by day because I slowly get to know them much better..haha…the malas one, the hardworking one, the slow one.. I also get to know the one that I meet for my first impression. And actually he is way older than me, and that’s why they call him BRO as ‘abang’. He is 30. Haha..i was shocked first when I know that. Then, there is apih, ila, mamat and aman. To be honest, they are super nice and super bad sometimes,,haha..and they are so ‘kuat mengata aka mengumpat’..haha..but I guess it is normal like that..hahah

Working at pizza, you’ll learn to do things fast, especially pizza making because pizza is also a fast food restaurant. The guarantee time for customer is only 10 minutes if the amount of pizza is 1 or 2 but if customer had more than 2 orders, so the time increased. It is actually depends on the pizza and also the side orders. It was a new experience to me and I like it. It helps me to works and finished my job faster. Besides, I also need to have typhoid injection and ‘sijil penyediaan makanan’. I already got both of it, so I got to save my it is good actually to really use my sijil and my it would not be waste to me. Besides, I always want to try working in fast food restaurant, then I got to work in pizza hut was all in ALLAH SWT plan..i am grateful enough that I can earn my own money without troubling my family especially my father..

Last but not least, working always had ups and down..sometimes happy and some other time stressfull..hahaha

So these are the team and my colleagues..these pictures are taken during our small gathering..’makan-makan’..actually it has been few times I got makan-makan since I worked it is really great for me because I did made few friends..working friends..heheh…

I am thankful enough for what I had…thanks My Creator, ALLAH SWT..
May 4, 2017
~while watching Hindustan story.. <3 span="">


  1. Assalamualaikum.. Nice to see you happy.. One day its will be your great memories in your life 😉😊


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