I Lay My Eyes On You

Assalamualaikum inche blog and the readers..

Today, I wanna tell you that I lay my eyes on someone in my class today..he’s a bit cute..eventhough he’s younger than me..i don’t know why, but I think I like to see him smiling..haha..i think my heart has healed..

Alhamdulillah for now..i hope I my heart will continue healing..before this, my heart always about him..but now, I guess it is not him anymore..and I’m happy my heart was able to forget him without feeling sad..it’s not like I fall into someone else but it’s just I can forget him now..the one that I lay my eyes on is not the one that I like..he is just a boy in the class that I’m in, this morning for bel492..hehe

But, before this, I never lay my eyes on someone else..hehe.. maybe because I still like him the one that I called ‘dye’.. other than that, I think my life in palam is quite good..i have new friends and the view is nice.. Eventhough it is a bit tiring because I had to walk a long way and there’s a lots of stairs that I need to catch up..but I’m thinking positively that all of it can help me to maintain my weight and body..so that, I would not become too thin, or too fat..haha

I hope my life in palam will become better and better day by day..and I also hope that the course I’m taking can lead me to a successful life..i hope all of you will think the way I think..that’s all...i didn’t bring my camera here, so, I guess I can’t put palam pictures yet..but next time I will..till now..:)

September 20, 2012
~I don’t know yet his name..:p


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